Monday, August 31, 2015

For Your Halloween Event

For Your Halloween Event

Zamora The Torture King
A classic act for modern times

Are you looking for a unique act that will draw paying customers to your event?  Zamora The Torture King and his show have something that you will find nowhere else; a unique combination of recognition, experience, versatility, quality and rarity along with the ability to draw media attention and customers to your event or venue.

Experience: Zamora has over 20 years of experience as a performer and as a show producer. He is one of the people who “started it all.” A USA newspaper said “…Zamora the Torture King, might just be the godfather of the modern circus sideshow…”

Name Recognition: Zamora has appeared on many major US , Uk, European and  international TV shows and networks over the last 20 years. He continues to make 2-3 TV appearances per year. Even if your potential patrons do not know him name they will recognize him from TV and other media. Most recently Zamora was filmed for Das Supertalent in Germany and was featured on the Channel 4 UK TV show Man vs Weird.  You can see more of Zamora's TV credits at Internet Movie Data Base and at the CV section of his web site. and!about1/cj67

Versatility: Zamora and Zamora's Sideshow had toured and performed at many different venues over the years, including nightclubs, corporate events, colleges and universities, Renaissance fairs, State fairs, circuses and amusement parks. Zamora can adapt his show for your needs.  Zamora’s show can be a solo show or a two performer show and can be up to an hour in length.

Safety: Zamora never had an accident. He has never caused any damage to a venue.

Quality and Consistency: Zamora's show is booked again and again by satisfied clients. He has been hired by Knott's Berry Farm amusement park for 17 years in a row.  See Zamora's history at Knott's Scary Farm at this link:

A Modern Classic: Zamora was part of the first show to revive the old style sideshow acts and combine them with modern day edginess. He was an original member of the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow. He is the first performer of his kind to headline a show in a Las Vegas casino. If you have hired other sideshow/freakshow type acts for you event or venue it is likely that they were “inspired” by Zamora. When you hire Zamora you get the original not an imitation.

Rarity: For many years Zamora was locked in to a Halloween event in Southern California and has not been available for any other Halloween season appearances.  This is the first year that he is available for your event. Your patrons will be thrilled to see something new to them.

Attention Getting: Zamora has been consistent in getting media attention for over 20 years. Zamora will get press, radio and TV time that will promote your event and venue. You can see examples here:!about1/c1fp1 and here 

Contact Zamora via email at and on Skype with Skype name Zamora TK .

You can also contact Zamora at the German mobile phone number 49-(0)-15172 693543