Monday, May 24, 2010

Weird Las Vegas and Nevada

Weird Las Vegas and Nevada.

Weird Las Vegas and Nevada is the new book by Tim Cridland, better know to many by his stage name Zamora the Torture King.

Weird Las Vegas is the latest in the Weird US series, which started with Weird New Jersey. Each of the Weird US books covers the legends, folklore, personalized properties, eccentric people and events, outlandish rumors and of the different States.

Why was Zamora selected to write Weird Las Vegas? The Las Vegas weekly newspaper City Life explained it well when they wrote "...the selection isn't so puzzling. Turns out Zamora's real name is Tim Cridland, a Las Vegan who, before he decided to make a living by sticking spikes through his face, used to publish a 'zine devoted to the weird called Off the Deep End. This venture allowed him to indulge in his passion for sideshow acts by forming one himself with the help of friends. His act would eventually evolve into the Jim Rose Circus, which toured not just Lollapalooza but the world. If Cridland's name (or pierced profile) seems familiar, it's because you've seen him on shows like Ripley's TV, Guinness World Records and 48 Hours. Oh, and he already co-wrote the book Circus of the Scars, a history of the early years and rise (if you can call it that) to infamy of the Jim Rose Circus."

Here is what the reviews have said about Weird Las Vegas and Nevada:

• "Do not venture into the Silver State without this guidebook..." --- Richard Menziez

• "This book is a must if you visited or live in Las Vegas... Buy this book is worth every dollar!!!!!" --- Paul A. Vincent

• "This is a great book for anyone's collection on Nevada. The stories are interesting, well-done, and the quality of the book is superb."
--- Ryan Jerz's blog

• "Anyone ... curious about some of the off-the-wall history facts; plus ghosts, bizarre architecture; unusual places to visit; UFO's will have a field day with this nicely-priced guidebook to the Silver State should get a copy of Weird Las Vegas and Nevada. Beautifully illustrated, easy-indexed and covering everything from Busy Siegel to Elvis, Area 51, Liberace, thrill rides, strange museums, roadside oddities and more, it's a "gee-whiz" book with class and character. It approaches this unique state like no other travel guide."
--- Howard Schwartz Gambler's Book Club

• "...add Weird Las Vegas to your collection of quirky books about Sin City" --- Las Vegas City Life
• "5 stars out of 5" Las Vegas-Clark County Library District

You can get a copy signed copy of Weird Las Vegas, direct from the author, postage paid, for only $20.00, less than it costs at a store. Plus, you will also get a copy of the article Fear and Loafing in Las Vegas from the newspaper Los Angeles Alternative Press. This is a mini-guide to weird Las Vegas written by Zamora and is one of the things that lead to the contract to write the book.
Los Angeles Alternative Press is now out of business and the article can no longer be found on the Internet. I saved a stack of the issue when it came out, so you will receive the original article, not a photocopy or rewrite.

Order now for a signed copy. Click on the PayPal button below. The cost is $20.00 postage included within the US (Canadians and other countries please e-mail at for shipping details).

Sunday, May 23, 2010

James Randi's BS

A Critique of Pure Randi
I have done it now. My critique of former magician turned professional skeptic James Randi has finally been published in The Anomalist print edition #14. This is a mini bio of James Randi, born Randall Zwinge. One review accurately states “Cridland suggests that Randi's past is much more ambiguous than that of the pure hearted crusader against paranormal pornography which he now portrays himself.” It has taken years to find a publisher with the guts to print this. The debunker is debunked in the overview of the life of The Amazing Randi. I don't have to have the powers of Criswell to know that I will lose friends for writing this (or at least confuse some) and gain some new ones. This may hurt me financially. I will experience “the sensation of being glared at.” Some will point at me while yelling “Woo!” Some people won't like what they read but before YOU judge it read it and check the sources. You will be surprised by what you learn.My article “The Real James Randi” (not my original title) is included in Anomalist 14.

The essay is part of a 170 page book/magazine with 14 essays on strange and unusual. Order now for a signed copy. Click on the PayPal button below. The cost is $13.00 postage included within the US (Canadians and other countries please e-mail at for shipping details).